Sara 3 Shot

Sara 3 Shot


THE STONE SORCERESS is a light-hearted fantasy-sex adventure series about SARA and STONEY – a heroic couple who protect the world from the supernatural by fucking the monsters out of existence. Our heroes really get into their work (and often, the other way around)! We suggest you enjoy their animated escapades with a light heart, a smile... and maybe a very good friend!


STORY 1 - Bothered, Bewitched, and Be-Demoned

(4 Episodes - Now Complete!)

When a horny demon ravages the women of the countryside, Sara Slane -- the Stone Sorceress -- and her golem lover Stoney must use their unique brand of sex magic to hunt the demon down and vanquish it.  This special, double-length first storyline introduces our nymphomaniac heroine, Sara, her rock-hard companion, Stoney, and the always sizzling Land of Lustoria.  Jump aboard now, and hang on for the sex-charged ride of your life!

STORY 2 - Stone-Cold Sex

(2 Episodes - Starting Now!)

A mysterious monster is making the villagers of Nymphonia by the Sea rock hard -- and not in a good way!  Sara Slane and her golem beau Stoney must find the culprit and stop the petrifaction plague at its source, before everybody gets stoned!  (And not in a good way.)  There’s virgin blow-jobs and monster-banging galore in this one!

STORY 3 - Love Bites

(2 Episodes - Coming Soon!)

Somebody is putting the bite on virgins (and other villagers), and those aren’t just hickies on their necks! Naturally, Sara Slane -- the Stone Sorceress -- and her ever-hard companion have to take the matter into their own hands (and other body parts) before the whole world is overrun by bloodsucking nymphomaniacs.